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What is the process?

Either the organization or the coaching partner may contact me regarding a potential engagement.

Step One is to identify the purpose of the engagement and to ensure a good fit with myself and the coaching partner (what I call a "chemistry check"). This leads to an agreement to work together.

Step Two
is the creation of specific goals and desired outcomes for the coaching engagement. These are shared with and validated by the coaching partner's boss or Human Resources, as appropriate. While the goals are made public, the coaching conversations themselves are confidential.

Step Three
consists of the actual coaching conversations, assessments, exercises, readings, practices and activities in service of the goals.

Step Four
is a check-in with the organization for feedback on progress being made.

Step Five
is evaluation of the engagement, goals achieved and a plan for self-directed learning going forward.

Whenever possible, Step One and/or Step Two are conducted face-to face. The remaining Steps may be done in person, or via telephone.