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Organizational Development Consultant
As an organizational development consultant, Barbara is devoted to developing organizations and the people in them through planned change. This includes working with individuals (described in the Executive Coaching section of this website), teams and large systems.

The organizational development consultant (OD consultant) can take a variety of approaches to her role ranging from expert to process consultant. I operate from the process consultant model which means that I partner with my clients to identify problems and create solutions. The point of this approach is to leave the client system more capable of diagnosing and solving its own problems in the future. Rather than foster dependency, my aim is to foster independence.

By its nature, OD consulting is fresh and unique to each client situation. If you are considering engaging an organizational development consultant, below is a sampling of the kinds of projects I accept. I am affiliated with several consulting firms and have access to a network of professionals when projects require expertise outside of my own.

organizational development consultant columbus ohio

Team Development
Newly forming teams
Teams with a new initiative
Teams in crisis
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Strategic Planning
Goal setting
Scenario planning
SWOT Analysis
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Change Management
Mergers and acquisitions
Strategic initiatives
Culture change
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Project teams
New initiatives
Strategic planning
Problem solving
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Customized Training
Manager as Coach
Applying a Developmental Lens
to Coaching
Building Leadership Capacity
Using an Adult Development
Leadership and the Inner Arts
Coaching Skills for Managers and
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Case Studies

Click on any topic below to read case studies of Barbara's work as an organizational development consultant:

Team Development

Strategic Planning

Change Management


Customized Training

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