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About the MAP
In the 1970’s Jane Loevinger introduced the Washington University Sentence Completion Test as a method to identify the stage of development of an individual. Since then, through the ground breaking work of Susanne Cook-Greuter, Ph.D., and William Torbert, Ph.D., the sentence completion test has been revised to assess the stage of development of leaders. It is now known as the Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP) or Leadership Development Profile (LDP).

The MAP describes nine different stages, (also known as action logics) that a person uses to make sense of their world. Those nine stages are Impulsive, Opportunist, Diplomat, Expert, Achiever, Individualist/Pluralist, Strategist, Magician and Unitive. To assess your stage of development, you complete 36 sentence stems which are scored by a trained assessor. The results provide you with an overview of stage theory, your current stage of development, and suggestions for how to be most effective at your stage. A coach trained in developmental theory will debrief your MAP results with you paying close attention to the fit of your stage with what's being asked of you in your organization and the roles you play in your life.

If you would like to have your stage of development assessed, please contact me) for details and pricing.

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Certified in MAP / LDP Scoring